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March 27, 2006

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Knew He'd Be There

What’s that you say? You could really use a night-vision glimpse of M. Thompson right about now? 2:38 y’all!

Video from Rex Sorgatz’s farewell party in MN. Can’t wait to see what he gets up to at Microsoft.

Posted March 27, 2006 at 3:15 | Comments (7) | Permasnark
File under: Briefly Noted


Hey Matt, what'chya say we scrounge around the internet for some video of Robin? I bet we can find some saucy snark!

West Coast, baby.

No scrounging necessary. Robin's all over the place; especially on the Current blog, where he used to post video of, among other things, himself, exploring the Currentverse. But if you want to see the snark broughten, clearly you have to go to the PCTV telecast, where Robin gets grilled about being part of the MSM and cultivating short attention spans in our nation's youth. Although it would have been cooler in nightvision.


You know, Seattle is sorta half-way between Minneapolis and San Fran. You guys should come visit -- SnarmarketMeetup. Everyone should get the Microsoft tour. Come to Gnomedex. Or do I need to get you officially invited on a speaking gig?

I have got some hella bad posture in that video.

I might be in Seattle during the summer, Rex, & will keep you posted. Matt apparently is not allowed to leave Minneapolis until 2012.

With one small exception: I'll be in Seattle on and immediately around April 26th to present a panel at the ASNE conference. I don't expect I'll be in town very long at all, but maybe we can have lunch or some'n while I'm there.

Huh, both Bill and the McClatchy guy are speaking at ASNE, so maybe I should go.

(Did I mention that Bill is on the company Outlook address book like everyone else? I haven't decided whether to drop him an email yet.)

Robin, I'd never seen that video before. Those chairs couldn't have been too comfortable -- everyone seems to have pretty bad posture.

I was surprised that they were ragging on you as much as they did for being a corporate shill -- your Sy Hersh comeback, though, was crazy nice.

We're living in a pretty nice world, though, when Current TV is a big corporation, Robin Sloan is repping them, and a slightly schlubby, middle-aged guy is repping the online startup.

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