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August 23, 2007

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The Opening Lines

I have not read any Nabokov. However, based on these amazing opening lines, I think I am going to have to.

Posted August 23, 2007 at 10:35 | Comments (2) | Permasnark
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Oh man, you've never read Nabokov? Do I have an annotated Lolita for you.

I was the shadow of the waxwing slain
By the false azure in the windowpane;
I was the smudge of ashen fluff, and I
Lived on, flew on, in the reflected sky.
And from the inside too, I'd duplicate
Myself, my lamp, an apple on a plate:
Uncurtaining the night, I'd let dark glass
Hang all the furniture above the grass

Etc. to 999 lines...

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