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April 26, 2007

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Frothing at the Brain

William Gibson’s new book “Spook Country” comes out this summer. I cannot wait. Here is a sneak peek from TIME’s nerdblog written by Lev Grossman:

Your heroine is Hollis Henry, a freelance journalist assigned by a Wired-like startup magazine called Node to write about (mysterious, reclusive) artist who creates hologram-installations of historic events on the sites where they actually happened. Gibson’s books are usually about his pet topics of the moment, as much as they’re about his characters, so here’s a brief list of Spook Country’s idees fixes: art, forgery, drugs, Manhattan, Los Angeles, large quantities of data, pirates (here I’m quoting the press release), the CIA, tramp freighters, weapons of mass destruction, war profiteers, and “vast amounts of cash leaving the country.”

Actually, it kinda sounds like a parody of a William Gibson book, doesn’t it? I don’t care. I’m in.

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