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November 15, 2006

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E-Chapbooks for the Masses


So Revelator Press just released their second chapbook, Andrew Hungerford’s play “Between the Water and the Air” (PDF).

Okay, there are like four things in that sentence you don’t understand.

  • Revelator Press: brainchild of Wordwright and crew. I have never heard a group of people use the word chapbook so enthusiastically.
  • Andrew Hungerford: famous at MSU in my day for daring to double-major in astrophysics and theater. Should probably also be famous for owning the domain name.
  • “Between the Water and the Air”: Andrew’s play, produced at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and elsewhere. I think it’s quite good, and not just because it takes place in Michigan.
  • PDF-ness: You know, normally I’d be opposed, but honestly Revelator’s Brandon Kelley did such a rad job on the design it’s hard to complain. Print it out, read it on the couch.

I was going to try to write something brilliant and penetrating about the play itself but, you know, smart analysis is really Matt’s department. I just serve up the links. So check it out.

One larger thing I will say is this: I really appreciate the dexterity and light-weight-ness of Revelator’s approach. Wanna get your voice out there? No reason to wait for anybody to say it’s okay, or tell you it’s good enough. Just begin.

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