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December 16, 2005

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But How Will They Film the Marbled Page?

Excellent. They’ve apparently made a movie out of Tristram Shandy. Er, sort of. And we say the film industry doesn’t take risks anymore.

Posted December 16, 2005 at 11:23 | Comments (3) | Permasnark
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For the first few moments watching the trailer, I panicked. "Sweet Jesus! They're actually going to try to do this thing! Like, with voice-over narration or something! What a beautiful disaster!"

But breaking the frame and doing it in the context of the movie-about-the-unfilmable-movie route is a much better idea, and arguably closer to the spirit of the original. Besides, between the already sexy spirit of Tristram Shandy, Naomie Harris, Kelly McDonald, and lines like "I have a sexual thing for Gillian Anderson," how can you go wrong?

Not that it'll make money or anything.

Directed by Michael Winterbottom, nice! He doesn't always hit it out of the park, but at least he always swings for it.

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