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August 4, 2005

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A Little Light Reading

The NY Observer asked a bunch of famous people what they’re reading this summer. The very cerebral Harold Bloom reports:

I’ve been rereading all of Henry James and all of Faulkner and all of Whitman in preparation for a book entitled “The Evening Lad.” The subtitle will be “Twelve Writers Who Define America,” and they are three of the 12.

I love the fact that he is, ho-hum, re-reading ALL of James and Faulkner and Whitman.

But actually, I liked Bloom’s book “Poem Unlimited” (an argument that Hamlet is the best story evar) and I think this one sounds pretty cool too.

For the record, this summer I read: “Waiting” and “The Crazed” by Ha Jin, “And Now You Can Go” by Vendela Vida, Harry Potter 5, the beginning of “The Egyptologist” by Arthur Phillips (lost steam), and one other I’m not remembering now… will return with title later. It was “Remains of the Day” by Kazuo Ishiguro.

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