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Recently assembled cultural artifacts

I was at a conference called NewsFoo this past weekend. In sessions and in conversations throughout the event, folks shared a number of impressive or memorable cultural artifacts they'd encountered; I wrote down as many as I could. I often stupidly neglected to note who pointed out what. Where I've remembered the source, I've included her. Thanks to everyone who shared!

First, some British psychedelia from Alastair Dant and Nicola Twilley – a show called "The Magic Roundabout" that was apparently pretty fantastic:

Plenty of recommendations came from a Baratunde Thurston-led session on taking satire seriously. Sameer Padania called out a well-researched satirical terrorism flick called Four Lions:

Also from that session – My Drunk Kitchen:

… and the Tumblr "Texts from Bennett":

Three Australian television comedies were recommended – "We Can Be Heroes," "Summer Heights High" and "Angry Boys":

Christina Xu recommended the comic "Chew":

… as well as the BBC series "Dead Set," the video game magazine KillScreen, and the game Limbo:

I also got a stack of book recommendations:

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