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Wish Me Luck

I’m off to San Francisco tomorrow, to win the hearts of academicians large and small. Committee breakfasts, a job interview (!), and a paper on paternity, modernism, and tragedy. (Apollonian patriarchy, legal fictions, Hegel’s love child, and Ockham’s razor abound! It will be awesome.)

I will catch you all after New Year’s if not before. Keep your Kindles warm.

P.S.: Special props to Robin for hosting me in SF. When he returns, the city will be especially strong in the Snark.


I have a pack of disposable Ockham’s razors in my bathroom.

That’s how we roll in San Francisco.

Oh, the irony that Ockham’s razors come by the pack! On the front of each case is a slogan in beautiful blackletter Latin: “Pluralitas Sine Necessitate.”

Knock ’em dead, Tim.

Wait, wait, you’re in San Francisco? For how long? How packed is this academic-impression gig? Good luck! Merry Christmas!

I’ll be in SF on Sunday. Snarkmorgy?

May the word “Snarkmorgy” ever be uttered [or typed] again.

Tim, may they eat out of your hand. Or, you know, whatever.


Dan says…

Luck and Joy come to you

And a merry interview…

good luck for your interview, Tim! though I’ll have to seriously consider if I could forgive you for succeeding, because then you would live in SF and my ensuing jealousy will cause my spleen to rupture–because SF is that awesome!

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