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The Last of the Four Horsemen

This feels like a significant cultural artifact. So disturbing it’s impossible to look away. I’m about to go wash my eyes out with soap.

(If you’re looking for someone to blame, blame Taylor.)

December 19, 2008 / Uncategorized


Wow, that was terrifying. Forced me to watch the original. Interesting that the child’s relative talent as a dancer/mimic reveals how much of the choreography is completely dependent on Beyonce’s almost Platonically feminine adult body. Also how a song that should be “screw-you” is actually danced “come-hither.” One of these days I would love to see Beyonce do all of one of her girl power numbers dressed in a pantsuit.

The real issue is that there’s not enough compelling, gorgeous entertainment made for children, creating a vacuum easily filled by slick productions meant to tug on sexualized adults. It was much easier for me to dismiss the impact sexualized entertainment might be having on children and adolescents before I became a teacher. Watching Sut Jhally’s Dreamworlds was particularly thought-provoking.

there’s not enough compelling, gorgeous entertainment made for children

In general, I agree. However, I also have three words for you:




So delightfully fun.

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