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March 10, 2009

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I Used To Be Able To Get Into These Parties

fashionfightnight.jpgSteve Marsh might be the second-best writer in the entire Greater Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. And he’s written what might be the best introduction to a magazine website party photo gallery this week. It’s insider-y and superficial and pompous and awful and I love it. The event being photographed is the third annual Fashion Fight Night, which I’ll let Steve describe:

It’s fashion photographer vs. fashion photographer, with each ring holding a photographer, a model, and a team of stylists. Each snapper would shoot for three five-minute rounds, and then their results—the photographs—would be projected on a big screen hanging on the wall, and the crowd would hoot and holler, and the judges would cast their votes and come to a decision. At which point the ring announcer, KFAN radio’s Dan “The Common Man” Cole, would lift the arm of the winning photographer.
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SO good:

Maybe, like Hegel’s self-consciousnesses, the only way we both can really feel alive is if we put it all on the line at a hoity-toity fashion event. I sort of made this argument to Michael (along with sort of begging) and, per Hegel, his “I” finally realized my “I.” He put me on the list.

I want a blog that's all fashion & philosophy, all of the time.

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