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October 23, 2004

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More "Switch" Ads... Except This Time It's Slightly More Important That You Do, In Fact, Switch

Errol Morris, he of the Apple “Switch” ads and “Fog of War” and lots more, has a bunch of fairly cool ads up on his site.

Everybody in the ads voted for Bush in 2000 but is voting for Kerry this time around. Included: some Marines, normal dudes, and cuties. Okay, there’s only one cutie.

I really like what’s going on with these ads: Errol Morris is trying to connect with lots of different kinds of people using voices that they recognize.

We’re pluralistic and diverse, yeah — but we also really like people who are like us.

I mean, that’s why I’m such a sucker for arguments in policy mags and on certain blogs: I go, Heyyy, these guys are nerdy like me… they dig the economics… okay, this sounds good. Sometimes I like to think it’s because, you know, they’re the best, strongest arguments — but nah. They’re just in many ways the most comfortable*.

*Actually I do think they’re the best and strongest. But that’s only because I am perfectly and uniquely discerning.

Politics is probably more social than analytical — but that doesn’t mean analytical arguments can’t be part of the process. You’ve just got to find the right social vector to deliver them!

Anyway, apparently no one is running the ads. Oh well.

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One of my favorite W.E.B. DuBois quotes is from his short essay "Criteria of Negro Art." Lamenting the loss of the many talented black artists he has known, DuBois remarks: "When God makes a sculptor He does not always make the pushing sort of person who beats his way through doors thrust in his face."

Similarly, when God makes an evangelical Christian or U.S. Marine who becomes dissatisfied with the Bush administration, he does not always make the sort of person who is willing to endure arguments, scrutiny and moral or physical intimidation when he or she raises his voice or chooses to vote his or her conscience. The importance of "switching" ads or signs on one's lawn is exactly this: it lets people know they are not alone.

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