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June 19, 2007

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Jenny 8. Lee Blogs

Jenny 8. Lee has a blog! It’s keyed to her new book, and it’s good. You know, blogs really are the great leveler, in that even New York Times reporters must at some point admit this:

Okay. I just registered for hosting at Dreamhost and installed Wordpress.

And indeed, as my friend promised, it was one-click installation + typing in some fields. I had a little stumble with trying to figure out a good nomenclature for the mysql database, as ‘wordpress’ and ‘blog’ (recommended) were being used elsewhere in the Dreamhost world.

Her publisher Twelve has a fun setup:

But instead, Karp launched a small imprint at Warner Books called Twelve — the idea being that he would publish only twelve books a year and personally edit each one […]

Seriously though, back to that MySQL thing: I love it that a generation of writers must all now learn a bit of database syntax to be successful.

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Best middle initial in publishing -- and she's a friend of a friend! I wanna be like Jenny. :)

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