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Shel Silverstein was the coolest

From a 1968 Stars and Stripes interview with Shel Silverstein:

HAL: I understand that you are going to do a movie or want to do a movie. Can you tell us about it?

SHEL: I will be doing one soon. It’s a movie I wrote and will be directing. It will be very far out. It will be the furtherest-out movie ever done in America, I know that. In any country, as far as I know.

HAL: Will it be impressionistic or realistic?

SHEL: Yeah, impressionistic and realistic. Yet, never obscure. Always very clear.

Now, please note that Shel Silverstein never directed a movie… and was probably never actually going to. Was he just messing with his interviewer? Possibly. And how fun is that?—seeding the world with news of made-up projects. Maybe that’s how you decide what to actually do: wait and see which made-up project generates the most excitement.

Also, can I just remind you that Shel Silverstein looked like this?

The coolest.


Well, as a mom with small children, I also just so appreciate his ability to write for children AND their parents. Where the Sidewalk Ends is a pleasure to read to my kids. His contemporary Richard Scarry’s childrens’ books are also great.

My son was reciting the Crocodile and the Dentist to his grandma at the beach this weekend. Awesome.

Or it could be called being unprofessional? Just playing Devil’s Advocate. It is quite funny – and I remember Grant Morrison doing it with Arkham Asylum as well (and Sick Buildings) – but it could also be seen as being daft.

Yes, probably unprofessional—but for a certain kind of dude (Silverstein and Morrison both qualify) unprofessional is exactly what you want 😀

I have books for my daughter, and his style is amazing when he reads.

Did you know he wrote A Boy Named Sue for Johnny Cash?

He also wrote “The Father of a Boy Named Sue” as a sequel from the dad’s perspective, and it’s pretty crude.

Reminds me of what Pee-Wee Herman said on Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! about referencing “Pee-Wee Land” in interviews. There was no such place.

Also, I want to get my hands on “Uncle Shelby’s ABZ Book: A Primer for Adults Only.”

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