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Notes from the field

Having just returned from a five-day jaunt up the West Coast of North America, I present three findings:

  • Every city needs an Ace Hotel. As some of my colleagues know, I hate snazzy hotels; they always seem so wasteful, so frothy, so (for lack of a word) huh-I-don’t-get-it-who-actually-likes-this. By contrast, the Ace Hotels (I’ve stayed in the New York and Portland editions) seem just perfectly calibrated to me: not too much space, not too much fuss, but plenty of attention paid to the details—and to the food.
  • If you have the right temperament for it, Amtrak’s Coast Starlight route is a blast. You’ve definitely got to start down in LA, though. Get a private cabin. Read Steinbeck on the way up through Santa Barbara and Salinas. Go to sleep somewhere around Sacramento. Wake up at the California/Oregon interface, which, at least this time of year, looks basically like Narnia. Get off at Portland. And then…
  • If you find yourself in Portland this winter, go to Cascade Brewing and get their glueh kriek, a piping-hot beer served from a steaming cauldron that feels exactly like the kind of thing a half-elf ranger would drink in a dark tavern somewhere just east of the Shire.


I find your findings most agreeable.

Oh man, did you go to Clyde Common? They have the best burger going. The glueh kriek is perfect at this time of year, but so are the hot toddies at Buelahland. Next time you swing up to stumptown, you’ll have to stay at a McMenamin’s hotel. Much more affordable than the Ace, but just as cool.

Yeah, both Clyde Common (Portland) and the Breslin (NYC) are incredible. Good tip re: McMenamin’s!

Although I should say, b/c I’m so used to booking in NYC, the Ace Hotel Portland rate seemed pretty criminally low already. I realize it’s all relative.

Well, let me see here. Steinbeck, Narnia, and the Lord of the Rings all in a post about hotel accommodations and traveling by train. So many reasons to read Snarkmarket.

I’m sort of sad/mortified/touched to find out that you don’t like fancy hotels, since you’re the only friend who has ever indulged my vaguely fictionally-motivated desire to meet up in a fancy hotel lounge in San Francisco. You did a good job of humoring me, regardless.

Part of me knows this is a terrible idea, but surely somewhere in the world there’s a well-executed version of the Inn of the Prancing Pony, where you can show up in a cloak and boots and sing about the man in the moon.

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