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A book by any other name

I liked Tim’s recent Gadget Lab post about the Kindle 3. And I really liked his use of the term “reading machine” at the end. Everything becomes clear now: our friend Mr. Carmody has found a perfect platform for the promulgation of a meme.

In other ebook nomenclature news, I am fully on board with the word livrel. Let’s save that search and watch it spread, shall we?


Truly niubi

Behold, an exemplar of the Red Army Orchestra parody meme:

ChinaSMACK is a treasure. It provides such a useful complement (and counterbalance) to mainstream China news, precisely because it isn’t news at all. Instead, it’s a cross-section of the stuff that’s criss-crossing Chinese web browsers right now. It’s weird and funny and meme-y. Sometimes it’s gross and depressing. But it’s always revelatory.

Importantly, chinaSMACK filters and translates not just Chinese internet content, but also the comments on that content. For instance, here are some comments on that video above:

Godly syncing, the electric erhu at the end was the most niubi

I laughed until my stomach hurt; I’m worried this will be harmonized.

louzhu, hurry and delete this, otherwise you’re going to be harmonized.

There are at least two things worth noting, right? One is obvious: the use of “harmonized.” It’s funny how it manages to imply punishment, censorship and smoothing-over, all at once. The other is subtler: louzhu. It’s a generic term for “the person who made the first/original post or started a BBS topic”—sort of an internet-specific honorific. I like it.

Oh, and niubi means bad-ass.

Also from chinaSMACK: here’s a day in the life of a member of “the ant tribe.”