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The marks

Great advice from the great Jillian Tamaki, and it applies to more than just illustration:

I know you’ve answered this question like a bagillion times but I thought I’d throw it out here anyway, since I can: any advice to a excited/somewhat terrified 21 year old artist who is working towards having an illustration career some time in the not-so-distant future?

Hm. I teach a lot of very freaked out 21-year-olds. I think a lot of people psych themselves out. “What do people want?” “Will I get a job/jobs when I graduate?” “What is illustration anyway?” Those questions are hard to avoid and I certainly struggled with them myself. However, my piece of advice is to try not to think so “large”. Think small. Think about the marks you want to make on the paper in front of you… the ones that bring you pleasure and satisfaction. You can’t control what other people think or if they’ll give you a job. You can only control your own actions and the work you produce. You have to be a little delusional to pursue a life in the arts, so throw caution to the wind and make pictures that excite you and hopefully the world will agree.

I actually don’t agree completely—I think creative life in the year 2012 requires that you think both large and small at the same time—but really, “think about the marks you want to make on the paper [or the screen] in front of you” is still the kernel. That’s worth painting on your wall. That’s where everything begins.

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Oh, you know. Just your typical pen-and-ink sunspot:


That’s from The Story of the Heavens. Innit great?

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The cutaway

I love diagrams like this—this one happens to be of G.I. Joe’s underground headquarters:


There’s got to be a tumblr full of these somewhere, right?



Jillian Tamaki’s Comic-Con report—in comic format—is my new favorite thing. Her style is irresistible; so sketchy, spare and elegant. I’m jealous.

I’m gonna buy her book. (You should click that link because there’s a smart idea about the important of play waiting for you on the other side.)


Selena Kyle


Jillan Tamaki nails it.

So does Paul Pope, while we’re at it.

And! And! You will never guess how Tomer Hanuka put this illustration together:


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The colors! THE COLORS!

How. is Andy Gilmore. so good:

Piling on. Yep, this too.


Writers' accoutrements

Gilbert Alter-Gilbert (?) at A Journey Round My Skull shares something—I don’t even want to call it a blog post—that is all about writers and their trademark accessories, be they personal, technical, or… architectural? All I know is, you don’t even have to read the words (though you should): just scroll and let the juxtaposition of images flicker through your brain. Opera cloaks, foxes with quills, bicycles and the Dictascrivener… and that’s just halfway down the page.



Snarkmarket favorite Tomer Hanuka Asuf Hanuka plus the Google Books Settlement equals… the real Googlezon. Yipes!



Oh. Wow. This is intense: the hidden Eustace Tilley in the New Yorker’s 85th anniversary covers. (Via Waxy.)

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The feed from 9 0 0 0


The Flickr user known only as 9 0 0 0 is one of my favorite internet mysteries. He or she or it produces a steady stream of amazing images—subtle, snarky, and always perfectly textured. They’ve been at it for years, but there’s a coherence to the feed; it feels like some opus being revealed over time, some crazy pop Kabbalah with AdBusters overtones. It’s often very droll.

Point samples don’t do it justice. You need to see it longitudinally.

Maybe it’s an ARG that’s never actually going to start.

Update: Seriously, sooo weird!

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