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Snark Couture

Fashion-blogging on Snarkmarket? Just this once. I’ve got to hand it to any men’s fashion site willing to unironically hand its 2009 Clothing Store of the Year award to Old Navy. The photos aren’t quite as lush as the ones at Uncrate, the copy lacks that Esquire sheen, and I don’t approve of body text in reverse type. But taste is the important thing, and Unrefinery has it in spades. I also like that it’s budget-conscious; I’m willing to spend a little on fashion, but you will never see me spend $60 on a reusable grocery bag, no matter how vegetable-dyed its leather straps are. Unlike some prominent men’s fashion sites I know*, Unrefinery seems to accept that a man’s outfit can be complete without a blazer. I don’t agree with everything – shorts have their place, especially during DC’s maybe-hottest-summer-ever. But for the most part, I approve.

And I’m getting this jacket.


Mimicry and ingenuity

DIY high fashion blogs.

It’s the democratization of manipulation! Which is, by the way, also what we’re up to over at Project Shelldrake.


Stop me before I find a way to make this

I would watch a short film featuring stop-motion characters made by Karen Sargsyan:


I’m thinking sort of like The Dark Crystal for the 21st century, with all the hybrid weirdness that implies. Low-budget, maker-style.

(Seriously though, these are something else. One of my personal top ten coolest things seen on today and tomorrow, which is saying a lot.)


Oh, these? They're so you can drag me to safety

I do not know that this is actually true:

Many types of classic jacket derive from a specific purpose. Trench coats have epaulettes so that dead or wounded soldiers can be dragged to safety.

However, I want it to be true, and will repeat it often, in an attempt to make it as-good-as-true.


Once more into the brooch, dear friends

This sounds like something made-up: Madeleine Albright had a collection of crazy pins that she would wear in accordance with different diplomatic occasions. Bees, lions, daggers and flags.

Obviously, reality does not—cannot—carry this far enough. What you really want is a world where all diplomacy is conducted via pin, brooch, badge and pocket-square. All words are mutually understood to be superfluous; just pleasant theater. The real business is encoded in the placement of pins, and their migration over days of diplomacy. “Did you see? This morning—she’s wearing the bee on the left! We are ruined! RUINED!”


Seriously, Modulok?


I admire the ambition of this Masters of the Universe riff. It imagines the characters as skinny hipsters dressed entirely in American Apparel attire. Which isn’t actually that funny, except that the artist does all of them. Keep scrolling! (Via Waxy.)