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BYO Remix: Knights of the Magical Light

This one requires patience. First, start up the music:

While it runs through its creepy overture, drag the sound down on the video below. Then, when the music hits 0:32 exactly, press play:

You can stop the video around 0:30… or let it run until you get bored.

I had completely forgotten about this cartoon, but I totally loved it, and I’m pretty sure I owned many of the corresponding toys. It was a sort of techno-magical, post-apocalyptic King Arthur. After the suns went out (?) construction workers, scientists, and news anchors (!) all became weird warriors. Holograms were the big sell; the action figures came with holograms!

Here’s a link to the music; its native video accompaniment might actually be more edifying than the Knights of the Magical Light.

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Prince Achmed BYO Remix

I’ve got one! But you’re going to have to be quick.

Right now, press play on the soundtrack here:

While that’s playing, drag the sound down to zero on this clip—from Prince Achmed, made (impossibly) in 1927 and thought to be the first one of the first animated films:

Hit play on the Prince Achmed clip when the music hits 0:22.

Matt: best genre ever.

Prince Achmed via the always-great Jillian Tamaki.

Update: Lots more on Lotte Reiniger, the director of Prince Achmed, here and here, thanks to Britta. You must click those links, scroll down and look at the stills. They just sent me spinning into a beauty-induced fugue state; I think I saved every single one into my Dropbox.


BYO Remix

1. Start this Delrious time-lapse video of clouds in San Francisco, then immediately pause it to let it buffer and lower the volume to mute. (Nothing against His Boy Elroy, who provides the original score. I actually used that music in a movie of my own once.)

2. Press play on this song from Jason Kanakis and His Coalition of the Unwilling.

3. Start the Delrious video. Full-screen it, if you swing that way.

Two great tastes that taste great together. Delrious discovered via Towleroad and Kanakis via Aurgasm.