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You Can Actually Get College Credit for This

Check out the comments brewing under the last post. Makers of possibilities! Seekers of solitude! Author-functions! Good stuff.

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What's An Author?

What’s an author? Why, just the sum of her readers, of course!

Try this on for size:

This is not to say that all networked writing will take place in vast wiki collectives. The individual author will be needed more than ever as a guide through the info-glutted landscape. But writers’ relationship with their readers will change as writing moves from the solitary desk to the collaborative network. No longer just an audience, readers will become assets, and eventually writers will be judged not for the number of books they sell but for the quality and breadth of their networks.

And then imagine that perhaps it is not actually a new phenomenon. What’s Plato but the collection of people who have read, discussed, and saved Plato? What’s Rachel Carson without the same?

I am newly in love with the idea of authorship as the creation of a community — by whatever means necessary or possible — around your ideas.

English majors, have at it.

(Link from’s great and completely-out-of-left-field report on books.)


When the Crystal Ball is All Fogged Over

This post by super-smart Scott Karp gets to the heart of the situation in the media world right now:

The problem is that, in the this increasingly complex networked 2.0 world, customers don



Paul Pope (who wrote and drew Batman: Year 100) has a new blog. I bet it will be good.

Via Drawn again!


Techno-Triumphalist Takedown

Ezra Klein offers a good reminder: The internet only goes so far. The source post he links to is pretty sharp, too.


Xmas Tunes

PlanetDan’s Kick-assiest Xmas List is actually pretty kick-ass.


Stabbed, Stuck, Suspended


First, scope the crazy tiger-full-of-arrows installation. Then, see Matthew Woodson draw it. Weird, I know, but I love it.

His blog is full of step-by-step drawing deconstructions.

(Via Drawn.)


A Story, a Lost Pet, a Garage Sale, an Event

I kind of love the submission taxonomy presented on Pegasus News’s neighborhood pages. Yo, that’s what it’s all about.


Go See This Concert

<13-year-old girl>

I’ll keep this brief: Caught the Imogen Heap concert here in San Francisco on Sunday and it was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Opening act for her tour is SF’s own master chief beatboxer Kid Beyond, who also joins Heap’s band as her human drum machine. The whole thing was just a great, inventive show that I could imagine enjoying even if I’d never heard any of it before.

Still a bunch of stops on the tour in the next couple weeks. Many are sold out but, come on. Highly recommended.

</13-year-old girl>