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Revolution or Evolution?

Grant McCracken riffs on three models for how the Net is changing the world: 1) It’s cutting out the middlemen. 2) It’s allowing microcultures to flourish. 3) It’s reforming the idea of the idea. The post isn’t really dense or light, but slightly abstract and pretty interesting. McCracken doesn’t necessarily contend that all or any of these models is actually true.


Heathen Blog!

This post is putatively to mention that NYU journalism professor Mitchell Stephens, author of the rise of the image the fall of the word, has begun a new blog tracking the history of atheism. (He’s writing a book on the topic.)

But really this post is just a way for me to mention that once you figure out how to configure it for Movable Type, the Performancing extension for Firefox is pretty hott.


Time for Salsa Lessons

This is it.

The finding I’ve always feared.

Rutgers researchers scientifically link dancing ability to mate quality.

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Far from Narnia

New Yorker profile of Philip Pullman? YES PLEASE.

(Related: There’s a TNR piece on C.S. Lewis that’s quite good, if you happen to subscribe or have a copy of the mag.)


Virtual Apocalyptic Tourism

Clive Thompson takes a spin around Asheron’s Call 2 — an online game scheduled to power down forever in just a couple of weeks — to find out: What’s it like in a place where the world is literally about to end?

Some people talk about “new games journalism” (c.f. the New Journalism) and I think this piece hits closer to the mark than anything I have yet read.


More Snapshots from the Uncanny Valley

What do you think? Knowing that none of these faces belongs to a human, do you find them freaky, or actually kinda hot? Do any of them work for you? How about when you compare them to this set of faces? Does it help if they’re not looking at the camera? Are you wigged out yet? (Ferreterrific.)


Thunder, Lightning, Strike

This tiptoes on the very edge of the bloggable (cat photos not far beyond) but MAN the weather here in San Francisco is nuts. It’s been raining for like two days straight and now I’m finally seeing some Bay Area thunderstorm action for the first time. (Contrast to St. Petersburg, where lightning would, like, just randomly strike in the middle of a sunny afternoon.)

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Why'd They Put Bono in the Middle?

Ah, TIME’s Person(s) of the Year. This cover just makes me laugh.

(Does this feature seem totally tired and irrelevant these days to anybody else?)


That's, Er, Quite a Payroll

Okay, quiz time: What’s the country’s top private employer (in terms of number of employees)?

Answer after the break.

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But How Will They Film the Marbled Page?

Excellent. They’ve apparently made a movie out of Tristram Shandy. Er, sort of. And we say the film industry doesn’t take risks anymore.