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World Keeps on Turning
 / makes me simultaneously depressed and ecstatic. Then it evens out into a kind of awe.


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Sad Time to Joke

Google announces plan to destroy all information it can’t index. Also: The Onion is sporting a nice newsy-lookin’ redesign. And it’s opened its online archives back to 1996. Hott.

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The New Jam

“Breakfast Club” by DJ Z-Trip. Pass it on.

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New Ideas

Romenesko brings word of an editorial shuffle at the Boston Globe’s rad Ideas section (reg. req’d or bugmenot), which you should subscribe to via RSS if you have not done so already.

The new editor is Wen Stephenson, who has been at Ideas for a while and, before that, was managing editor for Frontline’s website. And before that he worked at The Atlantic. So basically best ever all around.


Come On In, the Water's Fine

Check out these photos of yesterday’s evacuation and preparation for Hurricane Katrina and see if you can guess which one is my favorite.


Click Click, Woof Woof

Clive Thompson on Nintendogs, the new, um, dog simulator for the Nintendo DS.

Honestly I don’t know what to think about this.

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New Coinage

This morning at Starbucks, I had the temerity to order a “healthy” 12-grain bran muffin alongside a malted vanilla frappuccino topped with whipped cream (read: milkshake). There should be a word for people like me at moments like these, and I suggest that word should be:

Lipocrite n. (LIPP – o – kritt) A person who negates health-conscious food and lifestyle choices with corresponding unhealthy behavior. That lipocrite totally just smothered his green salad in ranch dressing, cheddar cheese and bacon bits.


A True Notebook


Was at the Sony Style store the other day and saw the T-series VAIO — they had it sitting atop a stack of books and, whoah, it looked like just another book. And a trade paperback at that.

Then, this morning I saw a a nice mention of the T-series over on Bart Decrem’s blog (he is CEO of the company that’s making that new “social browser” Flock). So this led me to investigate a little further.

One thing I didn’t realize: These machines come with built-in cellular cards, so they can go online via Cingular’s network as well as via WiFi. Now, check this out: CNET reports that it’s $80 a month for unlimited data. That’s kind of a lot… but at the same time, think about it: You could pop this thing open anytime and just be online. Cingular has a 3G network so it’s a fast connection, too. VoIP, y’all.

A couple of implications: One, if I had a couple of Gs to drop I would totally drop them on this thing. Two, did you hear that Apple has been trying to recruit VAIO engineers for its new Intel-based Powerbooks? Hmm. Could be cool.


Aaron McFamous

Hello? Why has nobody pointed out that Friend of Snarkmarket (and the wizard behind EPIC’s musical goodness) Minus Kelvin has his mug all up in the September issue of Wired?! There I am, reading the magazine, when all of a sudden, “Is that Aaron?? Holy crap, that’s Aaron!” OK, so he mentioned it himself. But if a blog post falls in the forest without an RSS feed — nah. That’s cooler than is physically possible, A.M.! Congrats!


Shining Like New Money

August Wilson, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner who just completed his mammoth cycle of plays documenting black life in America throughout the 20th Century, has been diagnosed with liver cancer. His doctors told him about the cancer in June and said at that time he had 3 to 5 months left to live. I’m very happy he got to see “Radio Golf,” the end of the cycle, open and close on Broadway, and I hope to eventually see the whole cycle myself. (Via Bejata.)

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