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One Way Ticket to Canada

Full Disclosure: Yes, I am. And yes, I purposefully call opponents of gay marriage “anti-marriage,” instead of making the distinction, because I think it’s distasteful and Orwellian that a remarkable little bit of doubletalk like the “Defense of Marriage Act” is still just humbly acquiesced to in 2003. I’m kind of a radical on this point, I understand that.

This is bad news.

I won’t say I didn’t see it coming, but it’s bad news, nevertheless.

By and large, Americans pretty much don’t like the prospect of same-sex marriages, and a larger number than had been thought (a significant majority, in fact) favor a Constitutional amendment banning it.

I’m still rather cavalier about the prospect of an anti-marriage amendment making it through the long process of ratification, but it’s not impossible. Once such an amendment made its way through Congress (which it easily might), it would go out to all 50 states. If the amendment fails in one house of Congress in at least 13 states, it fails, period.

Those seem like pretty good odds. But we can’t forget that 37 states have passed Defense of Marriage Acts prohibiting same-sex marriage.

And even though we knew this was coming, the article itself is interesting, frightening, and sort of weird.

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The Fellowship of the Bling

This is, in fact, what I am talking ’bout.

One, yo.


7" x 50" x $1,000

I am not usually one to get all snarked up about new home entertainment technology. But this New York Times article by John Markoff about a new digital TV chip from Intel is pretty crazy:

[Some analyst] predicted that the low-cost display technology, which can be incorporated into the traditional rear-projection television sets, could lead to lightweight 50-inch screens only 7 inches thick for about $1,000, perhaps as early as the 2004 holiday season.

Sure, they wouldn’t be “plasma” screens. Which is too bad, because “plasma” anything is ultra-cool. (This is, by the way, a “plasma” blog.) But still, those are some niiice dimensions.


Scary Maguire

In The Washington Post today, Tom Cruise gives more credence to my impression of him as frightening and Napoleonic. He says when he encounters libelous remarks about him in the press, he instructs his lawyer to: “Just sue. Just do it. Sue, sue, sue. Do it. Go, go, go, go.” Yikes.


Best-of the Best-ofs

Check out’s bevy of best-of lists, featuring Poynter Online’s own Book Babes, among others (Via MetaFilter, again). I guess this means we get to kick off our own Best-Of-2003 series.

I’ll start…

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Rivendell Raunch

Elves have their sexual needs, like all of us, apparently (completely safe for work). Only Tolkien suggests they were much more chaste than us humans. Unfortunately…

To disappoint slash writers everywhere, there were no clear statements of elf homosexuality. There weren

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Seven Days of Creation

Something about this Wired article totally grabbed me. Well, the headline and deck hed are pretty arresting in combo, but then the article itself did this spectacular job of drawing me into this little dark room with these two scientists, poking at eggs under a microscope. Somehow, the writer gets away with using science jargon without turning me off. I read all the way through. I learned a bit, too. Now I’m all interested in seeing how these experiments turn out.


The Art of the Possible

I haven’t seen any links to this fantastic William Saletan article, so I’m-a step in to fill that void.

Saletan humbly links back to his overconfident September 2000 prediction that GWB was “toast,” and then goes back to his earlier spot-on analysis of Bush’s whiz-bang political technique, and rounds up the whole thing by showing how Dean is employing that very same technique in his attack on Bush. Great stuff, and I’m not even a Sale-fan.


Lord of the Haiku

The Seattle Times is running a Lord of the Rings haiku contest. Example:

Frodo, hear my cry
My heart lies in Middle-earth
Don’t call me a dork

— Kathryn Spillman, Palm Desert, CA

Best. Ever.


Gah! Diller!


The two got together last week and Gore laid on the charm, trying to convince Diller to lift his veto over the sale of the News World International network from Vivendi Universal Entertainment — veto power that Diller received with the preferred shares he got when he sold his TV assets to Vivendi.

No luck, though.

I don’t really understand why it’s so critical that Gore gets Newsworld International. Is it really that difficult to get an entirely new digital channel picked up by cable providers? It seems like if G4 and Fuse can do it, Al Gore ought to be able to. But maybe there’s something I’m missing here.