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The Fellowship of the Bling

This is, in fact, what I am talking ’bout.

One, yo.


Scary Maguire

In The Washington Post today, Tom Cruise gives more credence to my impression of him as frightening and Napoleonic. He says when he encounters libelous remarks about him in the press, he instructs his lawyer to: “Just sue. Just do it. Sue, sue, sue. Do it. Go, go, go, go.” Yikes.


Best-of the Best-ofs

Check out’s bevy of best-of lists, featuring Poynter Online’s own Book Babes, among others (Via MetaFilter, again). I guess this means we get to kick off our own Best-Of-2003 series.

I’ll start…

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Rivendell Raunch

Elves have their sexual needs, like all of us, apparently (completely safe for work). Only Tolkien suggests they were much more chaste than us humans. Unfortunately…

To disappoint slash writers everywhere, there were no clear statements of elf homosexuality. There weren

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Seven Days of Creation

Something about this Wired article totally grabbed me. Well, the headline and deck hed are pretty arresting in combo, but then the article itself did this spectacular job of drawing me into this little dark room with these two scientists, poking at eggs under a microscope. Somehow, the writer gets away with using science jargon without turning me off. I read all the way through. I learned a bit, too. Now I’m all interested in seeing how these experiments turn out.


The Art of the Possible

I haven’t seen any links to this fantastic William Saletan article, so I’m-a step in to fill that void.

Saletan humbly links back to his overconfident September 2000 prediction that GWB was “toast,” and then goes back to his earlier spot-on analysis of Bush’s whiz-bang political technique, and rounds up the whole thing by showing how Dean is employing that very same technique in his attack on Bush. Great stuff, and I’m not even a Sale-fan.


The Fellowship of the Oscar


Take a look at that universal acclaim, baby.

The score will drop as more reviews come in, I’m sure. But will 11 reviews so far, that’s still pretty damn impressive.

Robin and I already have our tickets. How about you?

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More News You Missed

Mr. John Edwards also gave his foreign policy speech today. Thankfully, instead of posting the whole, high-fallutin’-rhetoric-having speech on his website, he presented it in a nutritious little bite-size five-part morsel. But Edwards’ and Dean’s ideas are basically parallel. His five planks, in brief:

1) Global Nuclear Compact: Everyone get together and non-proliferate!

2) UN Resolution: Criminalize terrorism-sponsoring and nuke-developing countries.

3) Secure Loose Nukes: Triple the amount we spend on threat reduction programs. To do this, we’d severely cut back our own nuke-developing efforts.

4) Homeland Intelligence Agency: This new government wing would take over the terrorist-tracking duties of the FBI. We’d also hire more intelligence folks.

5) Non-Proliferation Director: A new high-level administration position.

Dean’s outline was broader; he includes more money for non-proliferation efforts and assorted goodies like $30 billion to combat AIDS. But where does he plan to get these billions from? Edwards’ plan may be more realistic.

Of course, if the Dems lose Congress, neither plan will have much traction now, will it?


News You Missed

While the L.A. Times was running 19 pages of Saddam coverage (thanks, Kevin Drum), Dean was giving his major foreign policy address. Like all such speeches, it was long on rhetoric and short on specifics, but here’s the broad outline:

Saddam in custody is nice and all, but it don’t change much.

There are three parts to Dean’s terrorism-wrasslin’, mass-destruction-avertin’ plan:

1) Grant more resources to military and intelligence agencies, but less on nuclear weapons development and testing.

2) Rebuild our shattered alliances, giving special consideration to a NATO role in Iraq and foreign affairs in general, as well as to Latin America.

3) Focus the fight against terror by making it a global thing, and building up our homeland security institutions (bringing the National Guard back home, for example).

Extra goodies:


Sparkle Motion

I am very happy Saddam was captured. I hope justice will be brought on the evil man, and to his wounded country. Great job, 4th Infantry Division.

I also hope The Washington Post puts this David Finkel article back up in a prominent spot on the front page. My infant crush on the WaPo has now developed from an unfertilized ovum into a full-fledged zygote with this piece. A sample:

Everyone turns to look at Hill, the only one with a hand in the air, and suddenly her status is clear. They will lose their jobs by the end of December. She will still be working in January. They are seasonal. She is permanent. They are Sales. She is Sparkle.