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What’s up?

(Open thread!)


Office life

I’m about to sign a lease for a small, Sam Spade-style office in a beautiful old building in San Francisco. This is a space intended initially and primarily for writing, but eventually it will be home to other projects as well — apps, digital stuff, etc. Maybe eventually I will solve some crimes.

I’ve never set up an office of my own, so I’m going to take this opportunity to shine the snarksignal into the sky. I want to hear about great workspace situations. Desks, chairs, plant companions, conceptual frameworks — what’s made spaces work for you, or people you know? Any standing desk devotees out there? What mistakes should I avoid? What Pinterest boards should I be browsing?

I get my key next week. One room, about 150 square feet, with a couple of large windows looking out over a bustling city street. Give me some advice and I promise I will put it to use.