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December 19, 2005

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More Snapshots from the Uncanny Valley

What do you think? Knowing that none of these faces belongs to a human, do you find them freaky, or actually kinda hot? Do any of them work for you? How about when you compare them to this set of faces? Does it help if they’re not looking at the camera? Are you wigged out yet? (Ferreterrific.)

Posted December 19, 2005 at 11:53 | Comments (6) | Permasnark
File under: Briefly Noted, Technosnark


Those are crazy, but I swear, they seem to be based on real people... like the top-left one looks like a sister of Sarah Lane, and the middle-right one looks like an old cousin of Leonardo Dicaprio, and the bottom-left one is Harold from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle :-)

Whoah. That first set is, if not actually outside of the Uncanny Valley, then certainly far along the perilous trail.

But of course the true test is seeing them in MOTION. Hello corpseville!

They all look really good, but for the most part, none of them look quite good enough to pass as real. particularly the women, they're all a little bit too perfect, i think.
Also their faces are too symetric. Most people have slight differences in their faces - one eye a little higher than the other, same goes for ears, different sizes in nostrils, little things like that.

But yes, that's totally Harold. :)

But Robin, you have seen them in motion (or at least you can if you haven't). Those are all faces used in the Final Fantasy movie and in the "Final Flight of the Osiris" short on the Animatrix.

REALLY! Wow... yes, I didn't recognize them at all. I guess they look a lot different without zombie-like animations distorting their flaccid features.

They don't seem all that creeptastic at first, but stare into their EYES for like a few seconds. Then they get creepy.

Posted by: Liz on June 26, 2006 at 10:53 PM
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