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June 7, 2005

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Easy Google-Map Hacking?

I wouldn’t keep posting these Google Map hacks if they didn’t keep getting so darn awesome. The ability to customize Google Maps has been around for a few months now. But it has typically involved things like sending requests to various servers via Python proxies and altering XSL stylesheets (i.e. not for the faint of geek).

GMapTrack, on the other hand, looks easy enough for AOL subscribers to use. Look! Surveillance cameras in Vancouver!

Fill out a simple form, and bam — you’ve got a map. Your map nodes can have images, links, captions, etc. The next logical step is either Robin or I actually making a map with one of these things. With this one, I might just try. (Unmediated.)

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Those of us on the other side of the Atlantic pond find ourselves bereft of Google's satellite capabilities at any altitude more useful than seeing lots of green. is a nifty piece of software that allows you to FLY ACROSS LAND TO ANY ADDRESS that you type in, and is far friendlier to us Briton-types. Even if you don't buy it, the 7 day trial is worth a shot, for the superman sensation :)

When's Google going to pull their socks up and get this running for the UK, too? And speaking of which, there's a stunning disproportion in the level of technology distribution over the world. It's at times like these I wonder about a potentially near future, when the first Americans are industrially setting up ice cream shops on Mars, while kids in Bolivia have never tasted the stuff.

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