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August 28, 2005

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A True Notebook


Was at the Sony Style store the other day and saw the T-series VAIO — they had it sitting atop a stack of books and, whoah, it looked like just another book. And a trade paperback at that.

Then, this morning I saw a a nice mention of the T-series over on Bart Decrem’s blog (he is CEO of the company that’s making that new “social browser” Flock). So this led me to investigate a little further.

One thing I didn’t realize: These machines come with built-in cellular cards, so they can go online via Cingular’s network as well as via WiFi. Now, check this out: CNET reports that it’s $80 a month for unlimited data. That’s kind of a lot… but at the same time, think about it: You could pop this thing open anytime and just be online. Cingular has a 3G network so it’s a fast connection, too. VoIP, y’all.

A couple of implications: One, if I had a couple of Gs to drop I would totally drop them on this thing. Two, did you hear that Apple has been trying to recruit VAIO engineers for its new Intel-based Powerbooks? Hmm. Could be cool.

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