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March 27, 2007

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Shanghai Living


There are only a few photos on this page, but they are really phenomenal: apartments in Shanghai.

Living spaces — real ones, not the Dwell-worthy — are so interesting. Anybody know of any projects to document and share them?


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Check out Michael Wolf's series 100x100, 100 photos of 100 sq. ft. Hong Kong apartments.

OT, started by Kottke: ToastyKen and I went to go see an exhibition of Wolf photos about two years ago, in SF--they were overwhelmingly large and detailed and repetitious. It felt a bit voyeuristic because of the high resolution. Most of it was overwhelmingly rectangular and regular, but there were some standout beautiful buildings--lovely colors, dynamic architecture, trees incorporated. I was amused that the photos of those had sold first--as if Wolf was being rewarded for finally finding an inspiring building, and punished for all the rest of the reality.

These Shanghai apartments are an amazing link, btw!


A good friend of mine Marc Shoul (photographer), did a project for Benetton Colors on slums, showing inventive uses of small spaces:

On side note, Colors has great magazine articles:

You might also like Marc's portfolio too:

Posted by: Jonny on March 31, 2007 at 12:59 PM
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