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February 5, 2004

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One Social Network is Enough

So I got invited to Orkut. This is the new-ish social networking site (a la Friendster, which I love) created by a Google engineer (here’s more info); to join, you must be invited.

So, I am certainly glad to have gotten the tap, if only to be able to see the site, and if only because it means I have at least one super-techno-cool friend.

But I’m not sure yet if I want to invite anyone else.

If all my friends were dweebed-out Boing Boing readers like me, then sure. No question.

But they’re not.

I don’t think any of my friends are into the Internet-for-Internet’s-sake. I’m pretty sure that none of them has even heard of Orkut; I heard about it the day it was launched (as did you, I suspect, my blog-reading brothers and sisters).

Me, I sometimes get a little thrill from CSS code. My friends think CSS is that popular show on CBS. (No, I’m just kidding. A few know CSS. But they regard it as a tool, not an ideology, which is a mindset I aspire to, but… it’s just… that it’s so… elegant…)

So what do I say to my level-headed friends? “Here’s another social networking site for you to type all the parameters of your life into, again! And it has something to do with Google, maybe! Come on!”

Do I expect any of them to write me another testimonial, this one so the Orkut crowd can see how cool I am? Jeez, I don’t know if I even want to write any more testimonials. As it is, I copied-and-pasted my Friendster profile stuff into Orkut. I suspect my friends would do even less; some of them are only borderline Friendster users (name, location, thazzit!) as it is.

I think Friendster might have the first-mover advantage on this one, at least for me. I just don’t see how trying to replicate my social network on this new site is going to be anything but an annoyance — to my friends!

(Of course, in ten years, when we’re all walking around with our OrkutBadges that wirelessly identify us to the persistent digital mesh and go ‘bloong’ whenever a friend’s friend is eating at the same McStarbuck Bread Company as us, let’s forget I ever wrote this.)

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