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March 29, 2004

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Mourn Not For TV

Is the headline of this NYT article really “Leisure Pursuits of Today’s Young Man”?

Clearly the subhed should be “A Comprehensive & Interesting View of His Current Habits & Recreations, Presented With Full-Color Illustrations.”

Goofy titling aside, it’s a good story — about young men’s media habits — and check out the weird synchronicity: Warren Spector, who I just linked to below, gets quoted on games and stories.

The best game companies offer something that many say ordinary network television programs have all but given up on: storytelling. A player becomes the hero of the tale, and might be faced with life-or-death situations trying to break and every action has to be thought through.

“We can provide the overarching narrative that makes all of those choices and all of those events meaningful and significant and big,” said Warren Spector, the head of Ion Storm, a game company whose wares appeal to young adults more than children. “You throw that together, and you’ve got something — maybe revolution is too strong a word — but you can pull people away from other media.”

Sometimes the links just click. Pimpin was never easy till now.

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