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October 9, 2006

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More Fun for Everybody (Even in Nairobi)

Kiva’s Matt Flannery posts about a meeting with a microfinance organization in Nairobi.

Kiva, recall, is the web app that lets you make tiny loans to tiny businesses in places like Uganda, Kenya, Mexico, and Ecuador. But Kiva doesn’t deliver the money itself; it’s just a tool that local organizations (like this one in Nairobi) use to connect to lenders and keep everything organized.

Surprising feedback from the organization’s staffers:

The credit officers at WEEC find their jobs more enjoyable with Kiva because the personal side of our site gives them a reason to be more involved in the lives of the masai women. The officers feel sort of like journalists or social workers. Kiva has caused them to be closer to their clients and they feel like this will eventually result in higher repayment rates.

Well, not that surprising. In fact I think social software has the potential to make a lot of jobs more enjoyable.

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