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May 9, 2005

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If there’s one link worth double-posting to Snarkmarket on an otherwise-quiet posting day, it’s this. The Passion of the Present, a blog that has been tirelessly chronicling the ongoing genocide in Darfur for almost a year. It’s been almost a year since I wrote this. I haven’t played the “Paris Hilton vs. Darfur” game since, but whether the ratio’s gotten better or worse, the slaughter continues.

We know the ending to this story. Eventually, the conflict will come to an end, after a couple years of unthinkable death. We’ll put on a brief, solemn, nationwide show of mourning and regret, crying “Never again!” Ten years down the line, we’ll light candles, hold memorials, maybe even make a movie.

I’m bad at preaching. I do it for my own sake. When my children ask, “Where were you when Africa disappeared?” who knows how I’ll reply? I hope I don’t have to say that I just wasn’t paying attention. I think that might be the worst possible answer.

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Note also Jon Corzine's uninspiring post over at Ariana Huffington's uninspiring blog-thing. Interesting claim:

Evil on this scale is unimaginable to most, which is why historically we do not act on genocide until it is too late.

Hmm I don't think that's quite it though.

BUT let me retract most of that snark in the face of the fact that Corzine is actually trying to take action here. Go JC.

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