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December 17, 2003

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Best-of the Best-ofs

Check out’s bevy of best-of lists, featuring Poynter Online’s own Book Babes, among others (Via MetaFilter, again). I guess this means we get to kick off our own Best-Of-2003 series.

I’ll start…

Best Dubious Comparisons of the 2003 Political Season

10. Iraq : Vietnam.
9. Howard Dean : George McGovern.
8. Wesley Clark : Skeletor. (Or — Any Candidate : Skeletor.)
7. Dixie Chicks : Ba’athist Insurgents.
6. Howard Dean : Barry Goldwater.
5. Dennis Kucinich : Gollum.
4. George W. Bush : George H.W. Bush.
3. Howard Dean : Newt Gingrich.
2. Any Candidate : Bill Clinton.
1. Governor George W. Bush : President George W. Bush.

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Re: 9. Howard Dean : George McGovern.

"Dean is McGovern? Huh. Well, then by extending your analogy we can conclude that Bush is Nixon: a man so obsessed with power, secrecy and personal vendettas that the second term of his presidency will collapse under the weight of its own corruption."

(Note the first entry in the Defective Yeti link in the comment above. See #6.)

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