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November 20, 2003

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A Vomitous Sea

From an e-mail interview with Berkeley Breathed on

I think there’s both a saturation point and a failure point in events being beyond satire. I started stripping in 1981, the same month that MTV started. Daily satirical comment was either “Doonesbury” or “The Tonight Show.” The horizon was clear. We had the whole playing field. You young punks just try to imagine that there wasn’t even a World Wide Web. Michael Jackson jokes passed as edgy comedy in “Bloom County.”

Now. Lord, now. The din of public snarkiness is stupefying. We’re awash in a vomitous sea of caustic humorous comment. I hope to occasionally wade near the black hole of pop references only obliquely without getting sucked in with everyone else. Full disclosure: I’ll admit that I had a momentary lapse and recently inked a strip where Opus’ mom sees a picture of Michael Jackson in 1983, proclaims Jacko’s old nose irresistible and voices an urgent wish to nibble it off down to the nub.

Wait, if we’re lost at sea… then we need a (snark)master and commander! Arr, mateys, I nominate Ma—

Oh wait, the position is taken.

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Alas, Neal Pollack is on hiatus until sometime in 2004. What will we do?

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