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May 24, 2006

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An Inconvenient Truth

File under Dept. of Effusive Praise: Larry Lessig calls Davis Guggenheim’s doc on global warming and Al Gore “the most extraordinary lecture I have ever seen anyone give about anything.”

I saw the film with a bunch of Current folks and it was great. Go see it this weekend if you can.

Added bonus: There’s actually some rise of the image fall of the word mojo happening with this movie; both it and the slide show it’s based on use images, moving and still, to communicate complicated ideas in an extraordinarily efficient way.

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Doesn't "the most extraordinary lecture" refer to Al Gore's slideshow that he has been giving for years, not the film. Did they do a special showing for Current people or something? I'm looking forward to the opening this weekend. Although the scientist in me is expecting to be dissapointed...

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