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January 10, 2006

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Smart Storytelling

So the Current VC2 Survival Guide now has a storytelling section, featuring interviews with peeps like Robert Redford, Dave Eggers, Bonz Malone (!), Xeni Jardin (!!), and, my favorite, the This American Life godfather himself, Ira Glass.

Everybody has something interesting to say here, but for my money, Glass’s articulation of this stuff is second to none. You really feel like you walk away with something you can use.

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That's fantastic. That survival guide was already an amazing resource; I'd pointed it to our multimedia folks here at the Strib and they lurved it. Now that it's all Ira Glassified, it will clearly take over the world.

I had these four thoughts watching Ira Glass talk about storytelling:

1) There's something in Glass's tone, diction, manner, affect, personality, whatever, that reminds me a lot of one Robin Sloan. Or: "This is Robin in twenty years."

2) I miss Robin Sloan.

3) In a few years, when I'm ready for something after grad school and Robin's ready for something after Current, we should both move to Chicago and work as writers for This American Life.

4) That would be awesome.

My thoughts listening to Ira Glass:

1) Mein Gott, even when he's telling this complete B.S. story entirely to point out how ridiculous stories are, he's totally riveting.

2) Clearly, if anyone else were telling this story, the point would be totally lost, because listen to the way he uses silence and inflection.

3) This story works better when I'm not watching him tell it.


Forget This American Life, Tim -- we'll start our own brand-new zeitgeisty media concern.

Chicago ain't a bad town, though...

(Interesting fact: The first gig I applied to right out of college was a "This American Life" internship. Didn't get it, and went to Poynter instead. Thank goodness!)

Hey Rob, if you wanted to start up just about anything, up to and including an apple butter farm, I'd come work for you.

And after five years of grad student wages, I work pretty cheap.

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