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November 21, 2004

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I'd Hug Dat

This is the kind of sharp focus and fun utility that all blogs (except, of course, this one) should aspire to:

TreeHugger is the definitive modern-yet-green lifestyle filter. It will help you improve your course, yet still maintain your aesthetic.

So basically it’s a blog of stuff that is both a) environmentally responsible, and b) cool. And if you think that is a product category limited to recycled coasters and hemp necklaces, then you must click the above link immediately.

(P.S. Hemp necklaces are not cool. Dork.)

I love TreeHugger’s unabashedly commercial sensibility: “Consumers also rely on the directory to help facilitate their buying processes.” And they have helpful categories for gifts under $100, gifts under $50, etc.

Anyway, it rules, so bookmark it or RSS-ify it or do whatever you gotta do to keep in sync with the eco-sleekness.

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Ah, but Snarkmarket's incoherent uselessness has an aristocratic panache that serves as its own irreplaceable mark of distinction. We love you, SM.

uh, yeah, wrong post...

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