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April 20, 2007

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There’s a great paean to the computer game ‘Civilization’ over in The Weekly Standard. Be sure to flip to the second page; there’s some fun material on Sid Meier, Civilization’s creator. In particular I liked this bit:

Meier cites the strategy board game Risk as one of his major influences. “Conquer the world. All those cool pieces. You felt like you were king. It gave you a lot of power.” What about the game Diplomacy? “You had to have friends to play Diplomacy so that kind of left me out.”

There’s also this:

“We don’t get into glorifying the violence and the gory stuff,” says Meier. “That’s just not the games that we like to do. I’ve raised a son and I know all the messages, all the influences, all the things that come into a young person’s life, and we’re responsible for a part of that. I mean, as game designers, we want people to play our games, so I think we need to take some responsibility for the content and the messages that come through our games.”
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So instead we're teaching our children that it's good to sit in your underwear all night, playing Civilization and drinking Mountain Dew until the sun comes up?

But Peter, if I just play for like ten more turns, I'll be able to finish THE HANGING GARDENS!!

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