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June 9, 2004

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Oh, Those Crazy Blogs

It’s June 9. The deadline for the transition of power in Iraq is three weeks away. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz lays out the administration’s plan in the opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal.

And in the very first paragraph of his monolithic treatise… to make his case before an international audience of pundits and policymakers… he cites a blogger??!

After a suicide car bombing killed Iraqi Interim Governing Council President Izzedine Salim and eight others on May 17, one Iraqi put that act of terror into a larger perspective for those who wonder if democracy can work in Iraq. His name is Omar, one of the new Iraqi “bloggers,” and he wrote on his Web log: “We cannot . . . protect every single person, including our leaders and the higher officials who make favorite targets for the terrorists—but we can make their attempts go in vain by making our leadership ‘replaceable.’ “

Is that wild or what?

Dude, I totally think Dick Armitage reads Snarkmarket now.

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