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August 9, 2005

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Jimmy Wales In Context

I’m seeing this Reuters article everywhere, talking about how Jimbo Wales of Wikipedia has issued an announcement that the site will be tightening its editorial controls, freezing some content to prevent vandalism.

The article is wrong. Reuters should issue a correction. Wales has clarified that he was talking about creating a static snapshot of the site, with verified information, which would exist alongside the dynamic content. They’re calling the project Wikipedia 1.0, and they’ve been talking about it since at least last year.

Besides, Wales says, Wikimedia doesn’t really work by making “announcements.” They effect change through discussions and concensus-building. He’s calling for tighter editorial controls on Reuters (and Slashdot), though.

Update: Well, here’s one correction, from Steve Outing at E-Media Tidbits. Still waiting on Reuters.

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