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March 18, 2007

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A PSA for Current

I’m catching up on weeks of RSS feeds. (Actually, I’m about to go to bed, and I’ve barely made a dent. Sigh.) Everybody’s going nuts over these Ira Glass videos on storytelling. Robin probably won’t point it out, so I will:

a) these have been around for a while. I want him to do another set of them now that he’s conquered another medium. Hey, co-blogger, could ya work on that?

b) Current’s actually got a ton more of these, not only with Ira Glass, but with Sarah Vowell, Dave Eggers, Elvis Mitchell, Robert Redford, Orville Schell, Xeni Jardin, Bonz Malone, Catherine Hardwicke and Jonathan Caouette. Go marinate in narrative goodness.

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