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July 6, 2009

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My Travel Kit

During my year of shuttling back and forth between Missouri and Minnesota, I honed my travel regimen down to a precise science. I’ve got my High Sierra Wheeled Backpack, my Monster Outlets-to-Go travel power strip, spare contacts, spare eyeglasses and two zippered bags for liquid and dry toiletries, all ready to go whenever I need them. Most of my liquids — lotion, shaving oil, hand sanitizer, eyedropper (for contact solution) — are either refillable or are normally sold in TSA-acceptable containers, like deodorant and roll-on styptic pens.

What’s always bedeviled me, though, is the toothpaste. Travel-size toothpaste can be surprisingly elusive, and the container isn’t refillable. Or so I thought. I mean, it’s not like you could just put the nozzle of your regular toothpaste tube up against the nozzle of the travel tube and squeeze, right?


Wrong. It totally works. And just you watch, I will still be using the same grody .75-oz tube of Crest in 2011.

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