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February 7, 2004

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My Excitement Is Renewed

You know, I have to admit, for a while there I was waning on weblogs.

FeedDemon, a program that gathers blog items together en masse, sat dormant on my desktop.

My venerable links page (a.k.a. the tersest blog ever) was drying up.

But then I started to get excited about blogs again, and here’s part of the reason why:

NKzone, a new blog about North Korea by journalist Rebecca MacKinnon. She is CNN’s Tokyo bureau chief, currently doing a fellowship at Harvard. She actually has two blogs; this new one on North Korea, and another on web-based participatory journalism in general.

This is the coolest thing ever.

Now, of course I like this: I’m both a) deeply interested in North Korea, and b) obsessed with new ideas about journalism.

But come on. If you don’t find the vision articulated by MacKinnon in this foundational post exciting, or at least intriguing, then there’s no hope for you.

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Thanks, Robin! This is all new to me, having been unable to blog while on the job. (Some of you may remember the short-lived Kevin Sites blog from Northern Iraq.) As the Chinese would say, I'm "feeling the stones as I cross the river", and have no idea what's on the other side.. OR whether I'll still have a job on the other side.. but what the heck. I'm having too much fun!!

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