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November 21, 2005

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Local Gal Makes Good


Yes, that’s Jarah Euston on the front page of Sunday’s L.A. Times, standing in front of the building that gave her super-hott website its banner.

Aside from providing an incredibly well-informed perspective on Fresno’s downtown development and arts-and-entertainment news, it occurred to me this weekend that Jarah is a fantastic editor. On the Fresno Famous blog, Sour Grapes, Jarah puled together bits and pieces of Fresno’s mediasphere that matched my information needs better than any other editor in Fresno could. I think citizen editing hasn’t been paid enough attention, but it’s as vital a function as citizen reporting is. And it can happen on multiple levels, from the collective story judgment of a broad community (see Digg and Tech Memeorandum) to super-savvy individuals like Jarah.

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Holy crud! That's ridiculously cool!

Beyond even the subject of citizen journalism, though, I think Jarah is articulating something very real & widely-felt in the piece's kicker:

"Maybe we can move back, and all of our friends can move back, and we can make our own little Utopia, and it can be as hip as New York but cheap."

I know so many people our age who have that idea lodged in their skulls.

And, to be clear, I totally approve.

You guys are too kind! So, uh, you're both in for the Fresno Utopia, right? You get to choose the color of your robe and everything.

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