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September 27, 2006

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Law & Order: Special Ethics Unit

Oh man, this is hot: Joe Strupp profiles our Poynter peeps (Kelly McBride, Bob Steele, Kenny Irby and more) and dubs them the “Special Ethics Unit.” Like Poynter itself, the whole thing unapologetically mixes the super-serious and the somewhat silly:

Steele’s colleagues at Poynter understand that because ethical questions can pop up suddenly, often at inconvenient hours, they’ll continue to be called on at odd times to provide help to journalists. Kelly McBride, for example, is realistic about the on-call nature of her job.

Many such tales abound, often involving her children in tow. “I remember standing in Target shopping for a birthday present with one of my daughter’s friends and doing a consultation on the coverage surrounding [rape accusations against] Kobe Bryant,” says the mother of three. “I was a little self-conscious.”

So, so cool!

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