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May 14, 2005

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Dang. I thought I’d be the first to point to Dan Gillmor’s new project, Bayosphere, currently in beta or soft-launch or gestation or something else short of ta-da. But it looks like Tampa Bay stalwart Laura Fries (that’s Fries like French) beat me to the punch. Why you always gotta be blog-blocking, Laura? Sheez.

Anyway, Dan Gillmor, formerly of Typepad, formerly formerly of the San Jose Mercury News, has begun to unwrap his first citizen’s media venture that isn’t necessarily tied to a book. As of this moment, there isn’t much describing exactly what this new venture is about, besides citizen’s media and the SF Bay Area, but worth noting and bookmarking, if you’re interested in either of those two things.

Posted May 14, 2005 at 12:26 | Comments (3) | Permasnark
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Dizzang! LaFri and Snarkmarket, the first two trackbacks! That's tight. Are you guys on some sort of secret mailing list?

Shit, that is fucking awesome. No secret mailing list for me -- I was just thinking of writing good ol' Dan an email and asking him when he was finally going to launch somethin' ... those Craig rumors had me salivating.

And Matt, I so totally live in Atlanta now. How else could I reign?

Even though you live in Atlanta, I still think of you as a Tampa Bay stalwart, LaFri, 'cause those were our stomping grounds.

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