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April 30, 2004

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No Superheroes Here


As you may recall, last Saturday I drew a comic book. It consumed twenty-four hours, a buncha pens, and one of those super-fat “Magnum” markers. I consumed five Cokes and three bagels.

Here’s the result: Ornithology (1.7MB PDF, 23 pages)

You’ll probably enjoy it most if you print it out, but it reads pretty well on screen, too.

Check out the last page to see the seeds of the story: sentences and scenarios from friends, revealed at the stroke of midnight. I didn’t quite manage to use them all… I think the one I most regret leaving out is “warm weather = girls in backless shirts.” Maybe if it was “warm weather = dots with lines around them” I would have had time to work it in.

I’m tempted to make a bunch of disclaimers here, but nah. Perhaps a reminder that the entire comic was produced in 24 continuous hours of feverish and progressively less-coherent rendering will set your expectations at the right level.

Read on!

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Hey, that's really good, I like it. Congrats on being a hardcore c0m1x3R... or something.

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