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July 2, 2007

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Neo-Cyberpunk Junta Hipster Fantasia, BAM!

Speaking of the visual public spherethe new Kanye West video is insanely evocative:

Sort of a Kanye-as-Akira thing. Love it.

The day we are able to make works of journalism this irresistible, democracy will get up and dance.

(You know, I just wrote that, and then suddenly imagined democracy as like one of the back-up dancers in Thriller. Kinda seems right somehow.)

Posted July 2, 2007 at 11:21 | Comments (6) | Permasnark
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Yeah, the idea of a live-action Akira is sorta brilliant... now I want a feature-length film! Actually, this could be Hype Williams' (the director's) first film!

Trivia: this video took three months to complete and it features a guest appearance by Daft Punk (who is sampled in the song).

I've been pulling out my iPhone and playing this video for people whenever I get the chance. I love the experience -- videos in my pocket... social video revolution!

Here are the obligatory Daft Punk youtube vids:

unfortunately the bass is really lacking. I recommend getting the songs from iTunes.

Okay, since you referenced Akira, I'm REALLY going to dork these comments up with the openings to Naruto, a currently popular japanime.

Whoah. I'd never seen that first one. Incredible!

Yeah, the Kanye video references the Daft Punk videos pretty heavily as well as Akira.

Akira meet Radiohead:

Have I mentioned that I don't have anything to do but cruise youtube tonight?

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