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June 17, 2004

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Mr. Doctorow, I Presume

Snarkmarket stalwart Kevin saw Cory Doctorow, of Boing Boing fame, give a talk last night at the University of Washington. In an entry titled “holy geek!” Kevin writes:

I talked to Cory a little before his talk, before I actually realized that he was the person giving the talk. He’s a pretty cool guy, and I learned a neat camera trick from him. If you want to take a long exposure shot, and you need to steady the camera, you can use a neck-strap to help you out. Loop the neck-strap around your leg and pull the camera away from your body until it’s taut. As long as you keep the tension, you’ve got a pretty good makeshift tripod. It’s good for taking night pictures when you don’t have a good flash or you don’t want to use the flash, so you need to take a longer exposure picture.

This is the cool thing about blogs. Imagine if there was a Kevin for every neat talk that happened, everywhere, and really good software to filter and sort it all. There would be even more stuff to blog!! No, actually, there would be a deep, rich record of all the interesting events that happen in the world that currently either a) evaporate instantly, or b) disappear forever into the dungeon-like archives of newspapers and magazines.

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So I decided to go to Cory's talk at MSR, it was pretty cool, and here's the link to the txt version of his talk, it's a good read (and a better listen :) ) -

For the record, I totally agree with him, at least that DRM shouldn't exist. Well, not for the arts anyway, music, video, books, etc. It can have a point for confidential information, even if IRM isn't really that secure, but limiting the publics exposure to arts just makes everyone suffer, artists and consumers alike.

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