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October 13, 2005

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Jenga ... Jenga ...

Revel in the pointlessness of this. (Thingtacular.)

Posted October 13, 2005 at 8:34 | Comments (2) | Permasnark
File under: Briefly Noted, Gleeful Miscellany


Brilliant. Frightening, but brilliant. (Seriously, I get nervous just looking at the pictures. I don't think I could breathe if I were in the same room with that thing.)

I could never play that game b/c it was such a (minor, but still palpable) nervous shock whenever the thing did collapse. I think being in there would make me ill.

Did people do things like this before the internet? I mean, I can't remember before the internet very well. . .there will be a time when we're the last ones who can. . .but it seems less likely.

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