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June 15, 2004

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Previously on Snarkmarket: Why do influential world leaders have such ghetto e-mail addresses?

Today on Snarkmarket: Why do giant global organizations have such ghetto websites? I mean, OMFG. Forget Sudan, the United Nations website is clearly the world’s biggest humanitarian disaster.*

I’ve been complaining about a micro-version of this problem for some time now. Have you ever checked out the website of a member of your state government? It’s often sad. Here’s mine. This I don’t get as worked up about since more states started giving their legislators shiny, functional spaces under the umbrella of the state website. (Although even these can be fugly.)

I’ll grant that the UN website is probably an unimaginable morass of information. (I think the current ratio of people on earth to UN satellite programs is running roughly 1:3.) All the more reason not to design your site using 1-2-3 Publish.

*JOKE! Please don’t forget about Sudan. In fact, give money!

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